ATR Mrk. 1
The parts within this assembly were made by a friend and me. I put all the parts together to show what it would look like in an assembly.
Rack and Pinnion
This is a CAD of a simple rack and pinnion system. I laser cut it and built it after CADing it on Solidworks.
Bar Machining Drawing
Before we decided to laser cut the chassis bar, we were going to mill it from aluminum square tubing. This is the drawing for a machinist to know how to construct the part. I took the part and laid it out with all the necessary dimensions.
Binder Cover For 2856
This is the front cover of the Binder that I designed and built for 2856 Tesseract's 2015-2016 Engineering Notebook. It helped us win the Think Award (for engineering notebooks) at state.
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