Sky High Hot Sauce Logo
I wanted to encorperate the outdoors and hot sauce. I did this by using a mountain and a chili pepper. For the three different levels of spice, I used another outdoorsy style. For Mild I used a Hiker, for Medium I used a Boulderer, and for Hot I used a Climber.
Sky High Hot Sauce Bottle Labels
When I created the bottle labels, I wanted to complement both the main logo and the smaller spice level logos. I also wanted to incorporate more outdoor themes. I did this by having the big logo the largest, with the spice logos smaller, and then adding a tree to either side.
Sky High Hot Sauce Tree and Cloud Poster
To construct this poster, I used a lot of what I had on the bottle. I used a very large logo, the smaller logos, and a large tree. In addition to those, I also added a cloud to add some extra color depth to the top of the image.
Sky High Hot Sauce Zoomed in Angle Poster
For my second poster I wanted to create something very different than the last. I made the large logo much larger while keeping the others the same. I then rotated the large logo at an angle to make it look more interesting.

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